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March 2019 Archives

A landlord needs to handle CAMs carefully

Renting space in shopping centers can be a lucrative business. Part of the rental process is passing on common area maintenance costs. An Orange County entrepreneur looking to become a landlord to retail establishments and restaurants needs to understand what CAMs entail and know how to handle them so as not to make things overly complicated.

California developers may be watching Senate Bill 330

Many California communities have limitations on what construction projects can happen in their areas. This is true despite a housing crisis here in the state. Recently, state Senator Nancy Skinner introduced a bill that would force these communities to lighten up on their restrictions, which could benefit developers.

Knowing some commercial lease vocabulary helps with negotiations

When it comes to renting property for a business here in Orange County or elsewhere, tenants have more freedom to negotiate terms with the owner of the property than in residential situations. This provides more flexibility and the opportunity to receive better terms. Before sitting down to talk terms with a potential landlord, it would be useful to understand the vocabulary associated with a commercial lease.

Is the mixed-use development here to stay?

In decades past, it seems as though people across the country, including here in California, wanted to keep the different parts of their lives separate. They wanted to live on one area, shop in another and entertain themselves in yet another area. In recent years, that trend has changed, and the mixed-use development may be here to stay.