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August 2016 Archives

What are some challenges facing sustainable developers?

One of the most robust markets for real estate developers continues to be sustainable design and construction. As the significant demand for firms capable of delivering high-caliber environmentally friendly construction increases, many developers are having difficulty staying on top of new standards in the sustainable building industry. Some of the most controversial standards facing sustainable designers and developers are those set forth by the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

State-specific law relating to rent capping and eviction notices

Whenever one is preparing to lease a commercial property, it is wise to have a working knowledge of the laws that are specific to the state in which the lease is occurring, which may vary from leasing laws of other states. Leasing commercial property in the state of California is subject to some state-specific laws pertaining to the areas of rent control provisions and eviction notices. As a prospective commercial tenant, familiarity with these laws can help you identify and avoid issues with your lease agreement before they arise.

Negotiating early exit provisions in commercial leases

When renting a commercial space, there are many times when it may become necessary through the course of business to leave your lease prior to the expiration of the term. It is difficult to anticipate the reasons why you may want to make an early exit from a lease, but that shouldn't keep you from planning ahead for the possibility. Exiting a lease ahead of time is always easier and less costly if you have planned ahead.

Creative developers overcome market restrictions

In Santa Clara, California, Vantage Data Centers moving ahead with an innovative plan to expand its already impressive data storage facility footprint. According to recently released plans, the company has acquired a nine-acre lot roughly two miles from its existing campus, promising four separate three-story data storage facilities.