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October 2017 Archives

California malls are seeing a different kind of commercial tenant

Malls are not dead. Despite the fact many California malls now contain dark and empty retail space where thriving department stores used to be, experts say mall managers are seeking a different kind of commercial tenant to fill the vacant spaces. While tenants like Sears, J.C. Penney and Saks Fifth Avenue traditionally held the position of anchor stores, those spaces may now house more exciting offerings.

Finding tenants for shopping centers can be a challenge

When you signed up to be part of a project, you more than likely had high hopes for its success. Then, in what may be best described as an uncertain economy here in California, you discover that finding tenants for your project is a challenge. Attracting tenants for shopping centers may require sweetening the pot with some additional benefits and amenities that may be attractive to them.

Evicting a commercial tenant in California

Even with a lease, a landlord cannot always trust the other party to follow through. Perhaps you have a commercial tenant in a property here in California who owes back rent or otherwise violated the terms of the lease you and the tenant signed. You may already know that you have grounds for eviction, but need help with the process.

'You gotta settle,' says mediator to house flipper in construction defects case

The Bravo television series Flipping Out depicts Jeff Lewis as a house flipper and designer with obsessive-compulsive tendencies who brings extraordinary attention to detail to every project he undertakes. More accurately (because this is reality TV), it's Lewis who depicts himself that way.

Will the CEQA affect your new development?

The California Environmental Quality Act enforced by the state's Department of Fish and Wildlife provides guidelines regarding the protection of the environment. You may be required to apply for licenses and permits for your new development project through this agency. As a result, your request will more than likely involve a review to make sure it does not violate the act.