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March 2016 Archives

Experienced advocate can help obtain exemption from local zoning rules, P.2

Last time, we began speaking about zoning exemptions. Zoning regulations, of course, have the purpose of regulating land use planning to meet the goals of urban planning. As we’ve noted, real estate developers business often have to deal with zoning matters before they are able to move forward with projects or expansions.

Experienced advocate can help obtain exemption from local zoning rules

Obtaining an exemption from local zoning rules is a process with which many businesses and real estate developers are familiar. When it is necessary for a business or real estate developer to obtain an exemption from zoning rules in order to move forward with a project, it is important to have proper guidance about the process, as well as strong advocacy and support. A recent trial out in Sunnyvale is a reminder of this.

Landlord-tenant dispute involves long-time verbal agreement, P.2

Previously, we began looking at an ongoing dispute between an elderly woman in Burligame and her current landlord, who is attempting to evict her from her long-time residence, apparently in defiance of a verbal agreement the woman had with the previous landlord that she could remain in the property as long as she wanted.

Can your landlord open a competing business in your development?

Opening a business is an extremely exciting time for the owners. You and your business partners will have spent many months getting things ready to be sure that you are ready to go when you open your doors.

Landlord-tenant dispute involves long-time verbal agreement, P.1

Housing is one of the largest expenses most people have to deal with. For those who are young and healthy enough to be working and earning money, increases in housing costs can be challenging, but something can be done about it. For the elderly and those on fixed incomes, though, increasing housing costs can be an insurmountable challenge.