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April 2019 Archives

Getting what's needed from a commercial lease

Finding the right Orange County rental for a business is not always easy, and securing a good deal for it is not either. Negotiating a commercial lease requires attention to detail. Without careful reading and review, a prospective tenant might not get what is needed out of the space.

Paying attention to contract language could help developers

Before a new project can begin, the construction contract needs to be negotiated. When California developers sit down with the people who will make their dreams a reality, paying attention to the language could prove useful. It could help keep the project from going over budget.

What happens when a landlord breaches a lease agreement?

Not all rental relationships work out as intended. In a perfect world, each party will fulfill his or her obligations under the lease, but that does not always happen. When an Orange County commercial tenant believes that a landlord has breached the lease, gaining an understanding of the legal options available becomes a priority.

Starting a development involves a variety of steps

Deciding to get into the California's real estate game could be the easiest decision you make. As you embark on a new development, you will need to go through numerous steps before you can even break ground on the construction. Of course, there always seem to be other issues to address as the project moves forward as well.

What must you agree to in a franchise?

If you want to start a business, there are likely many things you will want to consider. How much money do you have available for your enterprise? What kind of risk are you willing to accept? And are you open to the possibility of franchising?