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Getting what’s needed from a commercial lease

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Commercial Real Estate |

Finding the right Orange County rental for a business is not always easy, and securing a good deal for it is not either. Negotiating a commercial lease requires attention to detail. Without careful reading and review, a prospective tenant might not get what is needed out of the space.

For instance, failing to understand the responsibilities of each party could lead to complications later. Not only does this apply to replacements and repairs, but also to obligations for common area maintenance, called CAMs. These financial issues could make or break a business, so the tenant needs to thoroughly understand what is expected prior to signing the lease. A potential tenant should also look for other hidden costs.

Even issues such as parking and exclusive use need to be addressed prior to moving forward. A business needs clients or customers, vendors and others to get to the location and have a place to park. Limited parking spaces mean a limited number of people who can get to the business. Without exclusive use, a business could be in competition with the tenant next door instead of one across the city or county.

The commercial lease an Orange County business signs should provide more advantages to it than it does disadvantages. Compromise is part of nearly every negotiation, so both sides may need to give up something. The trick is to only give up those things that a business can still thrive with or without. Finding that balance should be the priority and may require some experienced advice and assistance.