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July 2018 Archives

Public opinion is important to any development

California zoning boards may make decisions regarding whether a project is built in a commercial zone, an industrial zone or some other area. However, the public may also play a role in the decision making process when it comes to the placement of a development. Without the support of the surrounding community, a project may not move forward.

Shopping centers are changing, and developers need to keep up

There is no denying that the face of retail has transformed in recent years. Shopping centers and malls here in California and elsewhere no longer survive under the old development models. Moving forward may require some innovative and out-of-the-box thinking.

How the letter of intent plays into a commercial lease

When renting property here in Orange County, you may begin the process by signing a letter of intent. This document outlines the basic terms between you and the property owner. You may want to make sure you thoroughly read and understand this document, because it could have implications for your commercial lease.

Hidden CAMs in a commercial lease

Regardless of whether retail properties here in Orange County are at a premium, prospective tenants still want to find the best deal possible. No one should sign a commercial lease if the terms price a tenant out of the space. Everyone involved wants to make a profit, so a balance needs to be struck between what the property owner needs and what the tenant needs.