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April 2020 Archives

Landlord questions for prospective tenants

Obviously, a property owner will ask a prospective tenant numerous questions prior to considering leasing to someone in particular. However, there may be some questions that a landlord may forget to ask or may not know to ask that could provide important information about what kind of tenant a particular California business will be. Below are just some of the additional questions it may be worthwhile to ask before making a decision.

Construction loan options for California developers

Funding a project is a primary concern for property owners and those they work with. Like many other places, construction costs here in California are not cheap, and finding the money for a development may require some searching and creativity, depending on the situation. In some cases, the land will need to be purchased before lenders will work with developers on funding the construction of the project in order to guarantee some collateral for a loan.

Developers need a thorough environmental impact study

There is more to California's environment than just the air, water and soil. Developers may focus on these three factors as they obtain an environmental assessment. The problem is that if they forget to account for the potential impact on ecosystems and local animal populations, they could end up with expensive delays and could end up having to stop a project all together.

Deciphering the "net" in commercial lease agreements

Businesses looking to rent space in an Orange County shopping center have more work to do after they choose a location. Negotiating a commercial lease is one of the tasks requiring close attention. Understanding the jargon will certainly help in determining whether a potential tenant is receiving a good deal. One of the terms most future renters need to understand is "net," which is used in three separate types of leases -- the net lease, the double net lease and the triple net lease.

The redevelopment of old shopping centers gains popularity

A good portion of California's real estate is already developed, but some of it is abandoned or no longer serves the purpose it once did. For instance, many shopping centers across the state are being redeveloped in order to give them new life. These new developments cater more to how people live today than they did when the structures were first built.