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Helping Franchisors Or Franchisees With Leasing Matters

Franchisor owners and franchisees typically spend a significant portion of their life savings opening up a new restaurant or store. When opening a new branch of a franchise, the terms of your lease are critically important. Before you sign any leases, you need to be sure that you understand the possible issues that may arise when you are drafting or negotiating a lease for your business.

The law firm of Corfield Feld LLP represents Southern California franchisors and franchisees with leasing matters. Our lawyers have substantial experience negotiating, reviewing and drafting leases for franchise owners throughout the region.

Providing Franchise Owners With Cost-Efficient And Practical Advice Regarding Leases

We understand the unique needs of both franchisors and franchisees with respect to their leases. We review all of the important issues to create the right lease for your situation. We want you to be fully informed of all your options before you make any decisions about the future of your company. We assist with many different items connected to leases for franchisors and franchisees, including:

  • Early review of the proposed letter of intent
  • Ensuring that the lease terms match the terms in the letter of intent
  • Careful analysis of existing or proposed leases
  • Adding brand protection to the terms of the lease
  • Negotiation of terms beneficial to your specific needs
  • Working with you to obtain recommended vendor lists
  • Helping you renegotiate an existing lease or renew an expiring lease

We help franchisors and franchisees understand their specific obligations under a lease at a shopping center or standalone location. We carefully review all of the requirements to make sure that you are not entering into a lease that prevents you from achieving success.

We have advised hundreds of franchisors and franchisees at all stages of the leasing process. We look to create long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we will help you whenever you encounter any issues related to your lease. You can count on us to help you obtain results.

Practical Advice For You And Your Business

To speak to a member of a legal team, please call our San Juan Capistrano office at 949-444-5306 or send us an email. Our attorneys offer free consultations to franchisees with leasing concerns.