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Protecting Your Business At Every Step

As a business owner, you must meet several demands and expectations each day. If you fail to live up to a customer’s expectations, you may end up losing his or her business in the future. Most of your day is spent ensuring that you are delivering a good or service that meets and exceeds your customer’s specific needs. Anything that takes your attention off of day-to-day operations could mean serious problems for the future of your company.

At Corfield Feld LLP, our attorneys provide skilled litigation assistance to businesses across Southern California. We have extensive legal experience dealing with simple and complex business litigation matters. We are committed to working together with you to achieve the results you desire.

Focused On Your Future

We understand that these are time-sensitive issues. We take a solutions-oriented approach so that you can get back to what is most important. Our team will work tirelessly on your behalf and will keep you informed throughout the status of your case. We will recommend the best strategy for your specific case, such as mediation, arbitration or trial as appropriate given your specific circumstances.

We have helped our clients with business litigation concerns such as:

  • Disputes between co-owners of businesses
  • Lawsuits involving breach of contract and breach of lease matters
  • Litigation concerning the disclosure of trade secrets or other confidential information
  • Trademark and copyright infringement and other intellectual property matters
  • Creditors’ rights claims
  • Unfair completion matters
  • Construction disputes
  • Title claims
  • Goods and services contract disputes
  • Other business law matters that may result in litigation

Whether you are facing the threat of litigation or need to initiate a lawsuit against another company or individual, we are confident that we can help. Do not simply think that these problems will go away go their own. These are serious matters and you need someone who can represent you in court.

Schedule A Free Consultation

Our lawyers know that it is crucial that we find a solution to these cases as soon as possible. If you believe that litigation may be necessary in your situation, contact our San Juan Capistrano office by calling 949-444-5306 or by sending us an email.