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Shopping Center Development Assistance

When developing a shopping center, developers need to be aware of many issues and alternatives before committing to any specific action. The development process presents challenges that can cost significant time and money if not handled properly.

At Corfield Feld LLP, our legal team addresses these important concerns. Our attorneys work diligently to help you find cost-effective solutions for completing your project. We have a deep understanding of the matters that must be handled at this time, and will help you make the right choices to protect your real estate investment.

Skilled Assistance With All Issues Related To Shopping Center Development

We make sure that you have a clear picture of your options, and work tirelessly to help keep the project on track. Some of the issues we handle with in the development of shopping centers in Southern California include:

  • Land acquisition matters such as the purchase of the property
  • Appropriate due diligence, including title, environmental and entitlement issues
  • Negotiation of construction contracts regarding the actual building of the shopping center
  • Negotiating leases and lease amendments with tenants of the shopping center

Whether your proposed development is going to be part of a large master planned community or a neighborhood strip mall, our attorneys are ready to assist you with all stages of the process. Property development is an expensive undertaking, and you need someone to look out for your interests at every step of the way.

We work hard to resolve matters efficiently and effectively, and make every effort to find a reasonable solution that allows you to complete your project in a timely manner. Our lawyers are also experienced litigators, so if problems arise that threaten the potential development, we are ready to take action.

Customized Legal Services For Your Specific Business Needs

To speak to one of our attorneys who is experienced with shopping center development issues, please call our San Juan Capistrano office at 949-444-5306 or send us an email. We represent individuals and businesses throughout Southern California.