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February 2017 Archives

A lease renewal is an opportunity to negotiate

If you are approaching the renewal phase of your commercial lease, there are a number facets of the lease that you may want to consider negotiating with your landlord. Of course, not all landlords are interested or willing to negotiate a lease, but in the commercial real estate world, it is common to negotiate at least some aspects of the agreement. As with all business negotiations, it is always wise to have proper legal guidance when entering into such a negotiation.

New project looks to bring green power across state lines

Development involving real estate can sometimes be exceptionally complex, and, in some cases, cross state and regional lines in a single project. Take, for example, a new project currently being attempted by a billionaire investor to provide wind-generated energy to California while keeping clear of the Golden State's zealous conservationists. California often exists in a perplexing quantum state when it comes to projects like this one -- on the one hand, the population is generally enthusiastic about green energy development, but special interest groups also make it very difficult to build many kinds of structures that may obscure or crowd natural landscapes.

What is quiet enjoyment of a lease?

As a commercial tenant, there are hundreds of ways for your lease to go sideways. Unfortunately, sometimes your lease becomes compromised because of the actions of your landlord. The law recognizes a complex and ill-defined concept known as quiet enjoyment, which is a right that all tenants can claim, even if it is not expressly noted in a lease. The much trickier part is determining if your situation qualifies as a violation of quiet enjoyment, and how you should pursue justice in the matter.

Commercial real estate remains strong after the elections

California has been one of the most socially and politically liberal states in the union for a number of years, often leading the cultural conversation in progressive measures and mindsets. Heading into the November elections, some analysts predicted that a win for Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican party might have overly negative effects on various business sectors, especially commercial real estate. However, as November falls further and further behind us, the numbers seem to indicate that there has been no great change in many business patterns, at least for the time being.