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July 2019 Archives

Negotiating construction as a commercial tenant

One of your criteria for a rental space here in Orange County may be that you can customize the space to fit your needs. More than likely, this will require some construction, and how this is addressed in your lease makes a difference. As a prospective commercial tenant, you have the right to negotiate the construction that takes place in the space you intend to rent.

Can developers also act as contractors on their projects?

One thing that nearly everyone can agree on is that California is expensive, especially the real estate. Some developers may search for ways to keep costs under control without sacrificing the quality they envision. It may be worth exploring whether to act as both the developer, or property owner, and the construction contractor.

Flexibility is key for retail rental space

Owning commercial real estate in the Orange County area can be profitable, but only if it attracts quality tenants. When it comes to renting retail space, this could present a challenge since it can be difficult to know what future tenants may want. Some want to build out the space to suit their needs while others want a move-in ready space.

Is a commercial tenant looking for a turnkey rental?

Property owners here in Orange County and elsewhere who intend to rent out space in their buildings may think that leaving the space open for improvements would be the best option. While that may work for certain industries, when it comes to office space, that is not always the right option. A landlord may find that a prospective commercial tenant would prefer a more turnkey property.