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September 2019 Archives

Looking out for your rights in a new development

Every time you start a new venture, you take certain risks whether the project is here in Southern California or elsewhere. You may rely on the legal groundwork you laid prior to the beginning of this new development in case anything goes wrong. When something does happen, you will need to find out if the steps you took were enough to protect your rights.

The cost of tenant improvements could break a landlord

The cost of everything continues to rise. Most people who live in California are well aware of this fact as the cost of everything from groceries to real estate keeps going up. When it comes to owning commercial rental property, a landlord may struggle with the rising costs of construction.

Making a development compliant with Title 24

In addition to taking steps to protecting the environment, the state of California also took steps to increase energy conservation. The goal of Title 24 Lighting Control Acceptance Testing is to help ensure that lights are not using energy at times when they are not needed. A new development would need to ensure it complies with this energy code.

A commercial lease may include a percentage of sales

Opening a retail establishment here in Orange County may entice some entrepreneurs. When they go to find a space for their new ventures, they often look to rent instead of buy. During the review of a commercial lease for a retail space, prospective tenants often check for provisions regarding paying a percentage of their sales to the property owner.

How much will a commercial lease really cost?

When Orange County entrepreneurs begin looking for space to rent for their new ventures, they may be in for a shock. The rent includes much more than just a base amount for the space itself. When negotiating a commercial lease, it is vital to understand what the real rental amount will end up being.

When you must sever ties with a franchisee

At some point in your business relationship, it may become painfully evident that it is necessary to sever your ties with a franchise owner. Whether you are the the franchisor or a shopping center owner, this can be a complex undertaking, as there are both California and federal laws governing the operation of franchises.

Corfield Feld helps clean up the beach

Corfield Feld teamed up with the Orange County Bar Association's Outreach Committee and the Surf Rider Foundation to clean up the beach. In addition to zealously representing some of biggest retailers, developers, contractors, and subcontractors in the State, Corfield Feld has a passion for the environment and keeping our beaches clean. A team of six Corfield Feld volunteers not only collected over 20 pounds of trash from the shores of our beautiful beaches, it also won the top price for the most unique item found - a broken set of china dishes!