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Making a development compliant with Title 24

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2019 | Development |

In addition to taking steps to protecting the environment, the state of California also took steps to increase energy conservation. The goal of Title 24 Lighting Control Acceptance Testing is to help ensure that lights are not using energy at times when they are not needed. A new development would need to ensure it complies with this energy code.

When no one is in a building or enough natural light comes into the building, the lights should either turn off or dim to conserve energy. In order to help ensure compliance with Title 24, developers and construction contractors should review certain aspects of the project to make sure the building will be in compliance. The first step would be to review the blueprints, which ought to show the how the lights in the building will react.

The code requires the blueprints to identify daylight zones, controlled zones, skylight zones and more. When installation begins, those putting the lights in should follow all the manufacturer’s directions. Installers then conduct their own inspection to determine whether the lighting will comply with Title 24 before the Acceptance Test Technician comes in to conduct his or her inspection, which includes testing the lighting in both day and night conditions.

Title 24 is just one code with which a new development will need to comply. Missing one law, rule or regulation could cause an unnecessary setback in construction. In order to help ensure that a building complies with all pertinent laws, a developer would more than likely benefit from consulting with an attorney knowledgeable and experienced in making sure California developments comply with the law.