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September 2018 Archives

Easements may play a critical role in a development

When purchasing a piece of property here in Orange County, the parties must undergo a significant amount of due diligence before the transaction may close. A title search is part of that process. If easements are discovered, they could play a critical role in the progression of a development.

Responsibilities of a commercial tenant re ADA compliance

Making sure that all customers can access an Orange County brick and mortar location is often a priority for small business owners. This means making sure that the rental space is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If not, upgrades may need to be made in order to ensure that the building is up to code and that everyone may access the location. This brings up another question that a prospective commercial tenant may want to ask -- who is responsible for what when it comes to ADA compliance?

WRAP exclusions could cause problems for developers down the road

Insurance coverage is a large part of California construction projects. No one, from developers to subcontractors, wants to be left holding the bag if something goes wrong. With the increase in the use of WRAP exclusions, a general contractor, owner or developer could end up not having access to a subcontractor's insurance coverage if needed.

What you should know before signing a pop-up shop lease

The name “pop-up shop” seems to be the new name for what used to be called a short-term lease. Pop-up shops or stores continue to grow because they can be a low-cost way for businesses to offer products at a locale without a long commitment. Many seasonal or new business ventures have gravitated to opening pop-up shops over the last few years because of this.

Commercial lease vocabulary: Base rent

Deciding to open a business here in Orange County may require an individual to find a space to rent. If this is his or her first foray into the commercial lease world, a person may find it much different than when renting a first apartment in college. There are numerous differences between residential leases and commercial leases, and understanding the vocabulary involved may help. One of the most important concepts that differentiate between these two leases is "base rent."