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December 2019 Archives

The retail industry relies on data to maximize sales

Any edge could make the difference for an Orange County business. When it comes to the retail industry, this often means paying attention to the data. Consumers are shopping differently than in years past, so it is vital for a business to pay attention to what the statistics and other data says about what people in a certain area want.

Giving new life to old retail developments

There is no denying that brick and mortar stores here in California and elsewhere are suffering due to the ease and convenience of online shopping. Retail locations across the country are closing, and property owners are trying to figure out what comes next. It may be possible to give new life to these empty retail developments by converting them to distribution centers and/or warehouse space.

New construction litigation: Protect your rights

Building a new home is supposed to be one of the most enjoyable times of your life. You get to choose everything from the layout to the features to the location. However, just because you're building a home, as opposed to buying a preexisting property, doesn't necessarily mean everything will go as planned.

A landlord may want to consider some insurance against tenants

Many Orange County property owners believe that their general liability insurance policies are enough to cover anything that could happen on the property. However, that might not be the case when it comes to the commercial tenants occupying the building. Since that is a special relationship, a landlord may want to obtain some extra protection for issues that arise with a commercial tenant occupying the property.

Commercial real estate development could break records in 2020

Since the great recession, the commercial property market has steadily recovered here in California and elsewhere. Many factors have contributed to the rebound of the market to this point, but 2020 could break commercial property development records. According to CBRE Group, investments could range between $478 billion and $502 billion.