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June 2016 Archives

Are security deposits required on commercial leases?

When you try to get a commercial lease, you'll likely be asked for a security deposit. This is often the same as rent for one or two months, to be paid up front. You then get it back at the end of the lease, minus any that had to be taken out due to damage to the property.

New office space construction vies for big business

Office space construction is booming in Orange County, with more new construction and renovations in the sector than in nearly a decade. First-quarter reports on office space property indicate approximately 2.8 million square feet are under construction, which is an increase of more than 450 percent over the previous quarter.

Why you need an attorney to help you with your commercial lease

When you're ready to negotiate a lease for commercial property, it's important for you to understand all the terms and conditions you will be agreeing to. Because there isn't a standard agreement, the owner of the property can create a lease that works for them. You want to make sure that lease works for you, too, and to do that you will want to negotiate.

Why some small business owners are turning to space sharing

No one has to tell small business owners in Southern California how expensive real estate is -- particularly if you're looking for space in a popular area where customers are plentiful. Some small business owners here in SoCal and throughout the country are able to afford space in plum sites by subletting some of that space to other businesses. Space sharing helps new businesses be able to afford to get off the ground.