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December 2018 Archives

Including leasehold improvements in a commercial lease

When Orange County business owners look for a space in which to do business, they may not find the perfect setup. For this reason, many prospective tenants like to include leasehold improvements as part of a commercial lease. These improvements can quickly get out of control financially, and careful consideration should be given to them.

Understanding debt vs. equity financing as a business owner

As a small business owner, you understand the financial challenges that come with owning a business. Opening a business is a risky venture, but with careful financial management it can also be very lucrative. One of the most important aspects of fiscal planning for business owners is debt versus equity financing. Many people conflate the two, but they are types of financing with their own advantages and drawbacks.

Zoning issues a potential commercial tenant may watch for

Finding the right property to rent can present a struggle to some business owners. In addition to the ordinary concerns a potential commercial tenant may have, other issues could require close attention. This could be true for zoning issues that might prevent a tenant from using the property as desired.

Developers may need to rethink what an anchor tenant is

Shopping centers, outdoor malls and indoor malls have all traditionally relied on prominent, well-known retail stores to draw customers here in Orange County and elsewhere. Large department stores used to fit the bill when it came to finding anchor tenants for retail developments. As the consumer landscape changes, developers may need to rethink what constitutes an anchor tenant.

More considerations before signing a commercial lease

We recently blogged about various considerations a business owner must account for prior to signing a commercial lease. However, commercial lease transactions are complicated, and books can be written (and have) on all of the ways a business must protect itself when signing a commercial lease. Below are a few more important items to consider. 

Developers may look to boutique industry for new tenants

Consumers here in California can log onto their computers and purchase just about anything from nearly anywhere in the world just like everyone else. This new way of shopping has put a dent into the traditional brick and mortar method, but it has not killed it just yet. Developers may still find tenants for new developments by looking to the boutique industry.