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Zoning issues a potential commercial tenant may watch for

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Landlord / Tenant |

Finding the right property to rent can present a struggle to some business owners. In addition to the ordinary concerns a potential commercial tenant may have, other issues could require close attention. This could be true for zoning issues that might prevent a tenant from using the property as desired.

In order to avoid zoning pitfalls, Orange County companies could do some research to make sure that a particular piece of property will suit their needs. For instance, if a property has a nonconforming use due to a zoning change, it may only apply to the current tenant. Any future tenant may not have the right to continue using the property in contradiction to the new law.

If the property can be used for a specific purpose, Orange County zoning authorities may require the fulfillment of some requirement. The potential commercial tenant may not be able to meet that condition. There could be restrictions on signage, or a certain number of parking spaces may be needed. These and other issues should be investigated thoroughly in order to make sure that a zoning issue will not interfere with the use of the property as a potential tenant intends.

A company looking to become a commercial tenant may need help wading through these zoning issues before deciding whether to sign a lease. Unknown zoning issues can cause numerous problems for a business. It would be worthwhile to take the time to make sure that nothing will stand in the way of the success of the business at a particular location.