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July 2017 Archives

Can I compel my landlord to fix a mold problem?

Tenants often feel as though they have few options when the space they rent has frustrating or dangerous conditions. However, depending on the nature of the condition in question, California law may offer tenants recourse to hold a landlord accountable for unacceptable conditions in a rental space. This is particularly true of spaces with mold infestations. As of 2016, the presence of mold in a rental space qualifies as a substandard housing condition.

California City stands as a warning to developers

Being a real estate developer isn't just about having vision, it's about knowing the difference between a great opportunity and not overextending your ambitions. California City stands (more or less) as a stark reminder to developers in California of exactly how badly an overambitious development can go awry.

Governor pushes for incentives for affordable housing builders

California's governor is pushing for new legislation to address the need for affordable housing throughout the state, but simply wishing it is not all that is needed to create more affordable housing in the state. As things stand, developing affordable housing in California is a very complicated process.

Steps tenants can take to protect themselves

As a renter, whether commercial or residential, it can often feel as though you are at the mercy of your landlord, even when he or she is not always reasonable. While this is an understandable feeling, this does not have to be the case in practice. There are a number of steps you can take even before you sign a lease that can help protect your rights as a renter throughout your lease and beyond.