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February 2019 Archives

A commercial tenant shouldn't hesitate to check out a landlord

When looking for a space in which to operate a business, a California entrepreneur expects property owners to check him or her out. Background checks that include criminal, rental and financial histories are fairly commonplace these days. What a commercial tenant may not realize is that he or she can also check out the landlord to make sure that renting from a particular property owner would be a good fit.

Some question future development in California wildfire areas

As anyone who has lived here in California for any length of time knows, wildfires could devastate many of the state's residential communities. In the aftermath of recent fires here in the state, some wonder why future development projects are given the green light by government officials. They argue that it's foolhardy to put that many people and homes at risk.

Planning to renew your commercial lease? Start early

After being in a rental space for some time, an Orange County tenant may be comfortable and not want to move. If this is the case, a review of the original lease would be in order some months prior to its end. Starting to think about renewing a commercial lease sooner rather than later could save a tenant from accepting unfavorable provisions.

Percentage leases are popular in the retail industry

One of the primary decisions that a new California company needs to make is where it will do business. In the retail industry, this often involves setting up shop in a shopping center or mall. When it comes to leases in this world, property owners often want percentage leases from their tenants.