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A commercial tenant shouldn’t hesitate to check out a landlord

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2019 | Landlord / Tenant |

When looking for a space in which to operate a business, a California entrepreneur expects property owners to check him or her out. Background checks that include criminal, rental and financial histories are fairly commonplace these days. What a commercial tenant may not realize is that he or she can also check out the landlord to make sure that renting from a particular property owner would be a good fit.

A potential tenant does not have to give in to unreasonable lease terms or “strong arm” tactics by property owners. He or she needs to be willing to walk away since a landlord attempting to close a deal too quickly could hide problems. Perhaps the property owner does not have the money to maintain or repair the property.

One of the concerns of many potential tenants is the quality of the other tenants. A large part of trying to build a business is driving traffic to it. If a landlord does not effectively screen others who rent space in the building or area, a business owner may not receive the customer base he or she expects. In order to avoid getting into a property that will not help a company thrive, doing some research on a potential landlord could avoid financial disaster.

Conducting this research may require some help. Talking to other tenants in the space, looking into the property owner’s reputation and bringing another pair of eyes to view the space and the rest of the property could help make an informed decision. When it comes to the lease itself, a future commercial tenant would do well to review it with a California real estate attorney to determine whether the terms will help or hurt the business. If the situation is not a good fit, and the landlord will not negotiate or correct any issues, then walking way could be the better option.