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June 2019 Archives

Thinking about a development on abandoned property?

It is no secret that land is at a premium here in California. For this reason, it may work to a developer's benefit to consider purchasing a piece of abandoned property that requires revitalization. Doing so could result in an ultimately profitable development.

A landlord may need to give something to entice a tenant

Even when rental properties are at a premium in a certain locale such as Orange County, a prospective tenant may be willing to go elsewhere in order to find the right property with the right lease terms. This could be because a landlord failed to offer the appropriate incentives to attract the desired tenant. It may be necessary to give something in order to get a lease signed.

Resolve disputes through ADR, whenever possible

Mediation and arbitration are tools often used to help resolve almost any kind of legal dispute or disagreement. This is often the first option for many people in a legal dispute because it usually will be solved more quickly and with less expense than taking a case to trial. 

When developers are told there is a "cloud on the title" to land

It can take some time for California entrepreneurs to become familiar with all the lingo associated with real estate. One of the phrases that developers do not want to hear, but need to understand, is if there is a "cloud on the title" to a piece of property they want to purchase. Understanding what this means can help determine whether to move forward with the sale.