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March 2020 Archives

What business interruption insurance does not cover

Like other retail establishments across the country, most located here in Orange County take as many steps as possible to avoid losses that could have an adverse effect on operations. Since there are many events that retailers cannot plan for, they do the next best thing and purchase insurance policies to cover losses associated with them. One policy many companies have is business interruption insurance, which is designed to cover a variety of expenses and lost revenue under certain conditions.

Force majeure clauses and public health concerns

The world seemingly changes every minute as a result of the impact of the deadly coronavirus. Everyday life is on hold as communities struggle to get the virus under control. Due to quarantines and social distancing, many businesses have had to adapt in order to retain some sense of normalcy in these trying circumstances. The constant changes have made it difficult for small business owners to know how to best protect themselves in the event of such a widespread pandemic.

Commercial tenant calls out landlord for bad asbestos disposal

Renovations and build-outs happen all the time when someone wants to rent office space here in Orange County or elsewhere. As the construction progresses, workers may come across asbestos, which needs to be handled carefully in order protect people from exposure to this toxic substance and human carcinogen. When a landlord fails to properly handle this situation, it could lead to illnesses and litigation.

It's vital to do some research before becoming a landlord

Owning commercial property here in Orange County could provide a lucrative source of income. However, before becoming a landlord, a property owner may want to do some research. Otherwise, the experience may not be as positive as both landlord and tenant expect.

Issues to address in a commercial lease

Orange County business owners looking to rent space will first need to enter into negotiations regarding the terms of that rental. No one should simply sign a commercial lease put in front of them without investigating the terms first in order to make sure their interests are protected. Below are just some of the issues to address when working out the terms of a lease.