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May 2017 Archives

New bill seeks to protect immigrant tenant rights

All across America, immigrants from many walks of life are terrified that customs agents may hunt them down and deport them because of the emphasis the Trump administration has placed on deportations. Unfortunately, this has lead to many immigrants fearing that they cannot stand up for their basic rights without jeopardizing their livelihood and family.

Why do I need an attorney when signing a commercial lease?

If you are considering a commercial lease, especially in a structure that houses multiple commercial tenants, there are number of reasons that it is wise to consult an experienced attorney before signing anything. If you don't take advantage of every opportunity to work the agreement in your favor and identify potential problem areas, you may be signing an agreement that is very hurtful to you and your business.

How do I navigate zoning issues in a development?

Whenever you are working on a real estate development project, especially in California where there are many more regulations and restrictions than other states, there is a significant likelihood that you will encounter frustrating zoning restrictions. In some cases, you may not find them until you are already in progress with the development, which can create myriad problems with your timeline for completion and keeping each aspect of the project on schedule and under budget. So, when you find your project in violation of zoning laws, what can you do?

Proper legal help keeps leases strong

In Los Angeles and elsewhere, many tenants simply do not know about their rights. While these rights are slightly different for commercial tenants because of certain responsibility clauses that may be written into your lease agreement, the fundamental theory remains the same. As a tenant, your space must function properly, and aspects of the space and its utilities that for which your landlord holds responsibility must be properly maintained and quickly fixed.

Mistakes to avoid when negotiating a construction contract

According to Urbanland, the magazine of the Urban Land Institute, commercial shopping centers might struggle in the next year as more stores move toward online shopping instead of a physical presence. That said, commercial real estate is always a good investment, especially as the urbanization trend will most likely continue.