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January 2019 Archives

Keeping track of trends helps developers choose projects

What projects could still provide a healthy profit margin here in California? In 2018, a study was done to make that determination. Keeping track of trends by reviewing these types of studies could help developers choose projects that could provide the investment and profits they seek.

Insurance is an important part of being a landlord

Orange County property owners choose certain locations in order to maximize their investments. After making sure that a particular property is attractive to potential tenants, a future landlord needs to protect it. This means obtaining the proper insurance coverage.

Developers consider the costs of 'going green' in construction

Every California resident can do his or her part in protecting the environment. For developers, this could include "going green" when it comes to construction. However, they would more than likely consider the financial benefits of doing so first since some environmentally friendly construction options can be costly.

Attracting a commercial tenant may require some concessions

Property owners and developers here in Orange County could find themselves hunting for renters at times. During these times, landlords could need to "sweeten the pot" in order to keep their properties full. This often means making concessions to a prospective commercial tenant.

Key differences between a residential and a commercial tenant

Like many other states, California views matters differently when it comes to renting property to an individual as opposed to a business. Individuals are given certain protections that a commercial tenant would not receive. Before renting a commercial property, it would be a good idea to understand some of the differences, especially if a new venture is just entering into this rental market.