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Developers consider the costs of ‘going green’ in construction

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2019 | Development |

Every California resident can do his or her part in protecting the environment. For developers, this could include “going green” when it comes to construction. However, they would more than likely consider the financial benefits of doing so first since some environmentally friendly construction options can be costly.

However, it is possible to save money and protect the environment when embarking on a new development. Many construction materials are recycled these days such as steel, drywall and glass. These materials often present a substantial expense during construction, but using recycled materials could actually save money.

Managing runoff and stormwater around a structure often plays an important role in sound construction, especially in areas where the weather can wreak havoc on communities. Relieving a good deal of the pressure that the weather can put on the environment and sewer systems could prevent problems in the future. These days, alternatives to asphalt and concrete could be environmentally friendly and cost-effective while doing the same job.

Part of the attraction of many buildings is their design. Not only can a building’s design attract buyers or tenants, it can also help the environment and reduce the costs of operating it. For example, the smart placement of windows could reduce electric bills by providing natural light, along with cooling and heating.

Materials and design are only part of the equation for California developers as they embark on the construction of a new building. Some “green” components could also provide additional savings through tax incentives and other monetary benefits. It would at least be worth some investigation to determine what legal and financial benefits would come with using alternatives to traditional building methods in order to save money and help the environment.