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May 2018 Archives

Understanding rentable square feet in a commercial lease

When it comes to renting property here in Orange County, understanding the lingo could help clear up potential surprises for a tenant. Unless everyone understands the basic definitions involved in a commercial lease, it can be difficult to negotiate. One of the definitions that many landlords understand, but tenants may not, is "rentable square feet."

Developers may want to start planning for solar power mandates

California wants to lead the nation in clean, green energy. Transitioning from fossil fuel power to solar power is just one way in which the state aspires to help the environment and lower costs for its residents. These are just a couple of the reasons why developers need to be aware of the fact that the installation of solar panels will become part of nearly every new residential housing development beginning Jan. 1, 2020.

How to navigate removing a franchisee

Running a franchise may seem like an easy job to those outside the industry. However, any franchisor who has experienced issues with a franchisee knows how tough it can be. Different states have different laws governing franchises. Some states may favor the franchisor over the franchisee and vice versa.

A landlord may be willing to provide perks for signing a lease

A commercial tenant may spend a significant amount of time locating the perfect place to do business. The way the market here in Orange County and elsewhere in the country appears to be at this time, a prospective tenant may be able to negotiate more favorable terms when it comes to the lease. In fact, a landlord may agree to throw in some free perks as well.

Online returns are wreaking havoc on retail leases

Without a doubt, the way that people shop has changed dramatically over the last decade or so. California residents can buy products from anywhere in the country and have it shipped to their doors. This has caused brick and mortar retail stores to make significant changes in the way they operate. In fact, some have even had to close their doors, at least in some locations, because they simply cannot keep up with the changes.

Advice every commercial tenant may need for renting space

Securing the right rental space here in Orange County can be a challenge. After what may be an exhaustive search, a commercial tenant must then begin the arduous and often unfamiliar process of negotiating the terms of a lease. More than likely, the landlord has done this numerous times, and probably already has built a library of forms for nearly every situation.