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February 2020 Archives

Pay close attention to the letter of intent for retail space

Deciding to rent space here in Orange County instead of buying is a crucial business decision that affects the future of a business. Before the negotiations for a commercial retail lease begin, there is often a letter of intent from the landlord or property owner. This document outlines the basic terms the landlord expects for the final lease agreement.

Encroachment can lead to a boundary dispute on your property

Boundary line disputes can be a big problem when you're trying to sell your home or purchase one from another party. Whether you're trying to build a new property or want to sell what you have, it's always important to know what the land boundaries are. When there is a boundary dispute, it can make it hard to do the things you want to do on your land.

Repurposing an old development could be the way to go

People no longer want their lives as segmented as they used to be. Living in the suburbs, shopping on its outskirts and working in the city may have made sense decades ago, but not as much anymore. Now, whether living here in Orange County or elsewhere, many people want to be able to take a short walk from their home, to the grocery store and to work, which means a mixed-use development would be ideal.