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January 2020 Archives

It may be more cost effective to renew a commercial lease

Rental agreements for businesses here in Orange County and elsewhere usually last significantly longer than residential ones. When it comes time to renew these leases, tenants need to carefully consider whether it would be cost effective to move to a new location or to remain where they are. Before deciding not to renew a commercial lease, a tenant may want to consider some of the factors below.

Every commercial development must meet ADA standards

During the construction or renovation of an Orange County commercial space, one of the primary goals is to ensure that everyone can gain access to as much of the building as possible with a minimum of effort. This means making the appropriate accommodations for individuals with disabilities as well. In fact, every commercial development must meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Suing a landlord may not be as easy as a commercial tenant hopes

Some rental relationships do not work out as the parties intended. One of them may not fulfill the obligations outlined in the lease. If a commercial tenant believes the landlord has breached the lease agreement, the first inclination may be to file a lawsuit pursuing monetary and/or non-monetary restitution. However, litigation may not be an option -- at least not right away. 

Should you add that exclusivity clause to your leasing contract?

If you are a landlord of commercial retail tenants, exclusive use clauses are going to become a factor at some point. From the tenant's perspective, it makes good business sense to exclude competition in their own back yards. By inserting exclusive use clauses in the leases, your tenants can increase their profit margins.

A commercial tenant may want to check out a potential landlord

Finding the right property to rent here in Orange County could take some time. A potential commercial tenant considers a variety of factors in choosing a place to set up shop, and the landlord ought to be one of those considerations. In fact, doing some research of a potential landlord could end up saving a tenant some headaches later.

Popular retail giants who won't be around in the new decade

Many of the country's shopping centers have relied on certain anchor stores for decades. However, many of them failed to survive the 2010s. The retail industry took several hits during the last decade, and as a new decade begins, store owners, developers and property owners will need to rethink how they do business. Keeping up with online stores like Amazon has proved expensive for many retail giants who used to serve as profitable anchor stores for shopping malls and shopping centers across the country, including many here in California.