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A commercial tenant may want to check out a potential landlord

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2020 | Landlord / Tenant |

Finding the right property to rent here in Orange County could take some time. A potential commercial tenant considers a variety of factors in choosing a place to set up shop, and the landlord ought to be one of those considerations. In fact, doing some research of a potential landlord could end up saving a tenant some headaches later.

No matter how “perfect” a property may seem on the surface, if the property owner is having financial difficulties, maintaining and repairing the property could become an issue. If a landlord is desperate to get tenants to fill a space, the quality of an Orange County business owner’s neighbors may not be up to par, which could potentially drive away much-needed customers and clients. These shortcomings could outweigh any perceived benefits from the location and the configuration of the space.

Information regarding a potential landlord could come from numerous sources. A business owner could talk to other tenants on the property or the local Chamber of Commerce. The Better Business Bureau could alert a potential tenant to any complaints filed by others who have occupied the space. It may also be worthwhile to spend a little money checking out the landlord through online sources similar to those the property owner will use to check the business owner.

Some Orange County business owners feel as though they are at the mercy of property owners when it comes to the leasing process. The truth is that the commercial tenant has more power than he or she realizes. A potential tenant may have numerous options when it comes to leasing a space, but the landlord has the one space that needs filling. For this reason, a potential tenant should not feel pressured to sign a lease without first being satisfied that the property, the landlord and, perhaps, the management company are all above board and worthy of the company owner’s business.