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Landlord questions for prospective tenants

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Landlord / Tenant |

Obviously, a property owner will ask a prospective tenant numerous questions prior to considering leasing to someone in particular. However, there may be some questions that a landlord may forget to ask or may not know to ask that could provide important information about what kind of tenant a particular California business will be. Below are just some of the additional questions it may be worthwhile to ask before making a decision.

Does a prospective tenant have sufficient experience? Even if the tenant has a new business, it does not mean that the owner or owners do not have enough experience in its industry to know how to appropriately operate the business in order to keep it viable and paying rent. The answer to this question could make a difference in the structure of the lease — or whether there will be a lease at all.

While a new business may be renting space for the first time, an older one may not be. It would be beneficial to know why the prospective tenant with an established business needs to move into a new space. The answer could affect whether a landlord decides to rent to a particular business. For instance, moving due to a need for a larger space is good, but moving due to breaching a lease agreement or having a dispute with a property owner is not so good.

A California landlord may have additional questions to ask regarding other issues such as daily operations, traffic flow and more. The point is to make sure there is enough information obtained about a potential tenant in order to make an informed and education guess regarding whether the landlord/tenant relationship will be a good and profitable one for the property owner. The answers to questions could also help determine what kind of lease would work best in a particular situation.