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California developers may be watching Senate Bill 330

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2019 | Development |

Many California communities have limitations on what construction projects can happen in their areas. This is true despite a housing crisis here in the state. Recently, state Senator Nancy Skinner introduced a bill that would force these communities to lighten up on their restrictions, which could benefit developers.

If the bill is enacted into law, it would allow developers to build in areas they currently cannot. The number of homes in an area could increase. In addition, Senate Bill 330 would limit an approval process that is currently arduous in some areas.

Another aspect of the proposed law deals with parking spaces. Right now, developers must include a certain number of parking spaces in their projects. Of course, those spaces may still be included if wanted and needed for the project.

On the other hand, developers would not be allowed to demolish properties funded by Section 8 or rent controlled. This serves to protect much needed low-income housing. This is more aimed at municipalities since many are not following state laws regarding the need to set aside property for this housing need. Some communities have gone to extreme lengths to avoid new developments, and this bill aims to stop that practice. 

This legislation may help housing developers expand into communities ordinarily closed to them or at least difficult to gain access to for projects. For this reason, many of them and California real estate attorneys are keeping track of the progress of Senate Bill 330. If it passes, it could open up new areas for projects that could house residents and be lucrative for those building them.