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Is the mixed-use development here to stay?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Development |

In decades past, it seems as though people across the country, including here in California, wanted to keep the different parts of their lives separate. They wanted to live on one area, shop in another and entertain themselves in yet another area. In recent years, that trend has changed, and the mixed-use development may be here to stay.

These days, people tend to want to live, work, shop and entertain themselves within a relatively small area. The ability to walk to the grocery store, see a movie and return home appeals to many people. Those in the development and retail industries took note of this desire and began creating more of these areas to meet the demand.

At the heart of these developments are retail shops. For instance, in high-rise buildings, the first floor, or first few floors may contain retail shops, offices and even entertainment areas. The residential units are then on the upper floors. In other cases, what was previously a mall could be repurposed as an entertainment, retail and living area. The rents may be higher, but the payoffs appear to be worth it for at least some of the stores who decide to be part of this type of development.

Developers here in California and elsewhere often take stock of the prevailing attitudes of the tenants and consumers who will use a particular development. It appears that more of them will need to entertain the possibility of creating mixed-use developments. Doing so may require getting through some legal issues such as zoning in order to bring their visions into reality.