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Common commercial lease mistakes to avoid

As an entrepreneur, you understand how important it is for you to find the right building for your business. Besides location, you need a property that is in good condition. As you shop for commercial properties in the San Juan Capistrano area, you should take into consideration the leasing requirements each property has. All commercial leases are not the same. If you are not careful, you could end up with a lease that puts you at a big disadvantage. 

What you should know about franchise leasing

Negotiating a franchise lease can be much trickier than just a simple commercial lease because there is a third party in the mix. Your lease is not only a contract between you and the landlord, but it is contingent on your franchise arrangement with the franchisor. A commercial lease can be hundreds of pages long, and there is a lot to work out before you ever get to signing a lease as a franchisee.  

Mistakes to avoid when negotiating a construction contract

According to Urbanland, the magazine of the Urban Land Institute, commercial shopping centers might struggle in the next year as more stores move toward online shopping instead of a physical presence. That said, commercial real estate is always a good investment, especially as the urbanization trend will most likely continue.

How to avoid a commercial lease dispute

Dealing with a lease dispute can take time and energy away from running your business while you sort out the conflict. The main reason for disputes is a misunderstanding of your lease's terms in the first place. While it is true that your landlord may try to take money from you via the lease's terms, it is also your responsibility to fully understand the terms before signing. Here are some key points of a lease agreement to check: