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2 things every development needs: Utiilities and access

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2020 | Development |

Finding a new plot of land on which to build a new project can be a challenge here in California. As cities continue to grow, developers look for new places that will suit their ideas and support a new development. Before settling on a place to build, it would be beneficial to make sure that future customers, clients and tenants have easy access to get onto and off the property as well as the utilities they need in order to live and work comfortably. The time needed to conduct any analyses and make any improvements needs to be worked into the cost and timetable for a particular development.

Traffic is always a concern here in California. The roads are normally packed with vehicles, so it is crucial to conduct a traffic impact analysis in order to make sure that the roadways to and from the new location will adequately handle the expected volume of vehicles. It may be necessary to have off-site improvements done, and that will certainly add to the time and cost of the construction.

Another concern is access to utilities. Modern day conveniences cannot be overlooked when beginning a new development. Even if utilities are available at the site, they may not be adequate for the scope and/or scale of the project. Again, it will take time and money to either put in or improve the utilities.

The above are just two additional considerations that developers need to pay attention to before making any further decisions regarding a development site. In addition, it will most likely be necessary to deal with local government agencies in connection with the need for upgraded or new utilities and access. Working with these agencies may not be as swift or easy as anticipated, so it would probably help to work with an experienced attorney in order to help make the process go more smoothly.