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Reasons why a development could encounter construction problems

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Development |

After the real estate deal is closed, most Orange County residents who are new to investing in land feel as though the worst is behind them. Unfortunately, the construction phase of any development could actually be where the problems truly begin. Avoiding these problems could help keep the project on track.

Not every issue during construction can be anticipated. However, there are common problems that arise in many development projects that end up requiring a change order to which everyone involved must agree, usually cause cost overruns and add more time to the completion date. For instance, some developers jump the gun and begin construction before the design is completed, which some would say courts disaster.

Other issues that could result in the need for one or more change orders include problems with the project’s specifications, the soil on the land or problems with the drawings. The availability of the supplies desired for the project could cause issues. Suppliers may not have what the developer wants, which means that substitutions will need to be made, especially if obtaining the correct products will take too much time away from the progression of the construction.

Experienced Orange County developers are usually aware of these potential pitfalls when embarking on a new development and plan to combat them before construction even begins. Even so, they also know that it is nearly impossible to plan for everything, so they negotiate their construction contracts to account for these and other problems during the process. Those new to this business may want to make sure they slow down and do their research before moving forward.