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Get help negotiating your construction contracts

On Behalf of | May 20, 2016 | Development |

Development projects can be exciting, but they are also very expensive and come with all types of risks. One way to reduce the risks associated with your involvement in a project is to ensure contract negotiations are well planned and well executed. Our firm works with developers and other involved parties, protecting your interests before, during and after contract negotiation processes.

We bring both knowledge of the law and experience in the industry to the table when negotiating contracts. We know that while costs are critical aspects of any contract, there are many other details to pay attention to. For example, the performance requirements of the contract are important. No matter what side of the project you are on, the performance requirements must be realistic and appropriate to the timeline and budget of the project. A contract with unrealistic expectations sets everyone up for failure.

Another aspect of contract negotiation that we often work with clients on is risk management. By understanding the common risks associated with development contracts, you can account for those risks in a contract. We can help you foresee a range of possible problems and include contingency plans for those problems in contracts or plans.

Disputes might arise in any contract, no matter how well initial negotiations went. We can help you plan for such disputes via contract agreements on things such as mediation. We can also work with you to handle any litigation that might arise later in a project. While you can sign a contract without an attorney, it’s usually a good idea to have an experienced set of legal eyes at least look over documents that relate to extensive development projects.