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The success of your franchise could hinge on a commercial lease

More than likely, one of the reasons that you chose to purchase a franchise was because much of the legwork needed to make your new business a success was already done. Even so, it will be up to you to make your particular franchise here in California a success. One of the crucial details that may not get enough attention is the negotiation and terms of the commercial lease for the location.

What we talk about when we talk about common area maintenance

The title of this post is a cheeky reference to acclaimed fiction writer Raymond Carver, who died in 1988, and his 1981 short story collection What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. Many of Carver's stories are populated with "regular" characters facing workaday circumstances, like the fraught relationship between a husband and wife.

Finding tenants for shopping centers can be a challenge

When you signed up to be part of a project, you more than likely had high hopes for its success. Then, in what may be best described as an uncertain economy here in California, you discover that finding tenants for your project is a challenge. Attracting tenants for shopping centers may require sweetening the pot with some additional benefits and amenities that may be attractive to them.

What provisions should you include in a commercial lease?

After constructing a new shopping center here in California, you may already have tenants lined up to occupy the space. As you work toward the official opening of the property, you will more than likely need to negotiate a commercial lease with each tenant. Even though there may be certain items specific to each tenant, each lease may need to include some standard provisions.

Affordable housing bills face $10 billion annual problem

Residential real estate developers throughout California have been anticipating some new affordable housing bills for a while now, as Governor Jerry Brown continues his push to alleviate the ever-expanding affordable housing crisis here in the Golden State. However, now that several bills have floated around the legislature for a while, it is becoming clear that any sort of real solution may still be quite a long way off.

Things to know about your commercial lease

Congratulations on opening or expanding your business! Entering a new commercial lease is a big deal, and definitely not a decision to take lightly. To ensure that you make the best-informed decisions, there are a few things that you should know going in.

Getting the best mall lease is possible with the right knowledge

If you're ready to jump into a commercial lease at a local mall, take a second to consider a few things that could affect you. Depending on the lease and the things you want to do, you need to be sure you're signing a lease in your benefit. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your business is protected.

Local laws complicate marijuana business and real estate

As the infrastructure necessary to support the recreational and medical use of marijuana continues to build out in California, more and more entrepreneurs and real estate developers are seeking to adjust their plans to include elements of these newly minted business opportunities. However, the road to receiving the proper licenses required to play in this emerging space is not as simple as filling out forms and paying some fees. Developers who wish to make marijuana part of the picture officially must still receive the official approval of local officials.

Why do I need an attorney when signing a commercial lease?

If you are considering a commercial lease, especially in a structure that houses multiple commercial tenants, there are number of reasons that it is wise to consult an experienced attorney before signing anything. If you don't take advantage of every opportunity to work the agreement in your favor and identify potential problem areas, you may be signing an agreement that is very hurtful to you and your business.