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Finding rental space isn't always easy for a commercial tenant

Some would argue that this may not be the best time for a business to look for rental space anywhere in Orange County or elsewhere. However, with companies attempting to get back on their feet, it may be necessary for a potential commercial tenant to begin looking for the right location with the right price. With money undoubtedly tight right now, that could be a challenge.

Landlord questions for prospective tenants

Obviously, a property owner will ask a prospective tenant numerous questions prior to considering leasing to someone in particular. However, there may be some questions that a landlord may forget to ask or may not know to ask that could provide important information about what kind of tenant a particular California business will be. Below are just some of the additional questions it may be worthwhile to ask before making a decision.

Commercial tenant calls out landlord for bad asbestos disposal

Renovations and build-outs happen all the time when someone wants to rent office space here in Orange County or elsewhere. As the construction progresses, workers may come across asbestos, which needs to be handled carefully in order protect people from exposure to this toxic substance and human carcinogen. When a landlord fails to properly handle this situation, it could lead to illnesses and litigation.

It's vital to do some research before becoming a landlord

Owning commercial property here in Orange County could provide a lucrative source of income. However, before becoming a landlord, a property owner may want to do some research. Otherwise, the experience may not be as positive as both landlord and tenant expect.

A commercial tenant's proposed TI allowance may not be enough

Finding rental space in a new building may seem like a stroke of luck to some Orange County small business owners. New buildings often come with "bells and whistles" not yet offered in older buildings. This may cause a prospective commercial tenant to think that it will not be necessary to have a significant tenant improvement allowance from the property owner.

Suing a landlord may not be as easy as a commercial tenant hopes

Some rental relationships do not work out as the parties intended. One of them may not fulfill the obligations outlined in the lease. If a commercial tenant believes the landlord has breached the lease agreement, the first inclination may be to file a lawsuit pursuing monetary and/or non-monetary restitution. However, litigation may not be an option -- at least not right away. 

A commercial tenant may want to check out a potential landlord

Finding the right property to rent here in Orange County could take some time. A potential commercial tenant considers a variety of factors in choosing a place to set up shop, and the landlord ought to be one of those considerations. In fact, doing some research of a potential landlord could end up saving a tenant some headaches later.

A landlord may want to consider some insurance against tenants

Many Orange County property owners believe that their general liability insurance policies are enough to cover anything that could happen on the property. However, that might not be the case when it comes to the commercial tenants occupying the building. Since that is a special relationship, a landlord may want to obtain some extra protection for issues that arise with a commercial tenant occupying the property.

A commercial tenant doesn't have to renew under the same terms

Finding the right retail space here in Orange County can take a long time. Once a commercial tenant finds it, a lease is signed for a specified period of time after negotiating its terms. One of those terms may have been the option to renew.

The cost of tenant improvements could break a landlord

The cost of everything continues to rise. Most people who live in California are well aware of this fact as the cost of everything from groceries to real estate keeps going up. When it comes to owning commercial rental property, a landlord may struggle with the rising costs of construction.