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What happens when a landlord breaches a lease agreement?

Not all rental relationships work out as intended. In a perfect world, each party will fulfill his or her obligations under the lease, but that does not always happen. When an Orange County commercial tenant believes that a landlord has breached the lease, gaining an understanding of the legal options available becomes a priority.

A landlord needs to handle CAMs carefully

Renting space in shopping centers can be a lucrative business. Part of the rental process is passing on common area maintenance costs. An Orange County entrepreneur looking to become a landlord to retail establishments and restaurants needs to understand what CAMs entail and know how to handle them so as not to make things overly complicated.

A commercial tenant shouldn't hesitate to check out a landlord

When looking for a space in which to operate a business, a California entrepreneur expects property owners to check him or her out. Background checks that include criminal, rental and financial histories are fairly commonplace these days. What a commercial tenant may not realize is that he or she can also check out the landlord to make sure that renting from a particular property owner would be a good fit.

Insurance is an important part of being a landlord

Orange County property owners choose certain locations in order to maximize their investments. After making sure that a particular property is attractive to potential tenants, a future landlord needs to protect it. This means obtaining the proper insurance coverage.

Attracting a commercial tenant may require some concessions

Property owners and developers here in Orange County could find themselves hunting for renters at times. During these times, landlords could need to "sweeten the pot" in order to keep their properties full. This often means making concessions to a prospective commercial tenant.

Key differences between a residential and a commercial tenant

Like many other states, California views matters differently when it comes to renting property to an individual as opposed to a business. Individuals are given certain protections that a commercial tenant would not receive. Before renting a commercial property, it would be a good idea to understand some of the differences, especially if a new venture is just entering into this rental market.

Zoning issues a potential commercial tenant may watch for

Finding the right property to rent can present a struggle to some business owners. In addition to the ordinary concerns a potential commercial tenant may have, other issues could require close attention. This could be true for zoning issues that might prevent a tenant from using the property as desired.

When a commercial tenant and landlord don't get along

You may believe that since your lease outlines all of the rights and responsibilities of the parties, that everything will be smooth sailing. After all, you spent a significant amount of time negotiating it, so everyone should live up to his or her obligations. Sadly, that is not always the case whether here in Orange County or elsewhere. A commercial tenant and a landlord do not always get along.

A commercial tenant may want to review operating expenses

Accepting the first draft of a lease would probably be a mistake in most cases. Instead, a California commercial tenant may want to review the terms to make sure they are fair. One of the places where a budget for retail space could be busted is in the operating expenses, so they need particular attention.

The primary risk of a triple net lease for a landlord

Renting out commercial space can be a profitable venture for California entrepreneurs. As part of the leasing process, a landlord will need to choose the type of lease to use. When choosing a triple net lease, it would be a good idea to make sure that certain protections for the property owner are built into the agreement.