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Developers may need to heed warning signs of another bubble

The traditional retail model has undergone massive changes in the last few years here in California and across the country. With more people shopping online, shopping malls and other retail stores are helping the commercial real estate market plateau. Developers could find themselves in financial trouble if paying back their loans becomes problematic due to changes in how the economy works.

Insurance is an important component of any development project

Nearly every project, whether here in California or elsewhere, involves numerous moving parts. In order to protect yourself from any adverse events that could occur during a development project, you may want to consider several types of insurance. This may seem like an obvious choice, but what may not be as obvious to a new developer is what you need to properly insure your project and protect your interests.

Are millenials changing the locations developers choose?

The way that the next generation wants to live may be changing, how suburbs and commercial business districts are viewed. California millenials want their neighborhoods to provide them with everything they need -- often within walking distance. Does this mean that developers will need to adjust how and where they build in order to accommodate a new way of thinking and living?

Developers may consider numerous factors when purchasing land

Finding the right location in Orange County for a particular project involves numerous factors. The characteristics of the land in question are a big factor that developers consider. What may attract you to a certain piece of land may make it unsuitable for another.

Developers may need to put more emphasis on tax ramifications

California voters could change the way that commercial properties are taxed. The proposed overhaul of Proposition 13 could mean that developers need to place more emphasis on the tax ramifications of their projects. The major selling point for the initiative lies in providing billions more dollars for schools, along with other services and programs throughout the state.

Are stadiums good for downtown development?

In many ways, the death of downtowns as shopping districts came long before the death of shopping malls. Some may say malls triggered this decline. However, innovative California cities have revitalized their downtowns by making them multi-purpose, combining business, work and entertainment to create a hub of social interaction. Now, a new idea to encourage development is gaining traction, and that is bringing professional sports stadiums into the heart of the city.

Settlement shows how development can impact individual cities

When planning for the start of a new project, it is important to take the time to figure out the impact it may have on affected California cities. A new development could require expensive changes to infrastructure. In a state already plagued by high costs, cities may take issue with having to spend millions of dollars to accommodate a project.

Many developers benefit from help with their ventures

You are the one who comes up with ideas and recruits others who see your vision. You may be good at rounding up the capital you need in order to make your project a reality. When it comes to the paperwork and complying with Orange County, California and federal laws that may apply to your project, you may not be sure where to start. Developers often turn to others to assist them with these requirements.

Developers could have obstacles to rebuilding wildfire areas

Now that the smoke is clearing, surveying the damage done by the recent wildfires here in California could take some time. Even so, some developers are already beginning efforts to rebuild. However, they could encounter significant environmental obstacles as they do so.

Don't let your landlord hurt your business

Are you getting ready to open your own small business in California? If you are, where you open up shop can make all the difference in how well your company performs. It is not just about the location, though. The agreement you have with your landlord can have a significant impact on your bottom line.