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Is the debate over impact fees interrupting housing development?

California is one of the states that has a shortage of affordable housing. Accommodating all of the residents who need a place to live could be hindered by the debate over impact fees. Typically these are fees imposed by a local government on a proposed or new development and are meant to cover the cost of all of the public services to be provided to the new development. A development could be delayed or even scrapped because of these fees.

Development of hotels rises here in California

The market for hotel rooms here in California appears to be growing at an increasing rate. Investors know this and always look for smart purchases that make good investments. Recently, sources indicate that the development of a new hotel is costing approximately the same as buying one already built.

Seeking financing for an environmentally friendly development

Undertaking a new project anywhere in California can be an expensive prospect. Finding the appropriate funding for a development can present a challenge. Further complicating matters is the fact that in today's society, an environmentally conscious public demands construction projects to include "green" elements, processes and materials. If a developer intends for a new project to this demand as much as possible, the California Pollution Control Financing Authority could provide options for funding and financing not previously considered. 

Can developers also act as contractors on their projects?

One thing that nearly everyone can agree on is that California is expensive, especially the real estate. Some developers may search for ways to keep costs under control without sacrificing the quality they envision. It may be worth exploring whether to act as both the developer, or property owner, and the construction contractor.

Thinking about a development on abandoned property?

It is no secret that land is at a premium here in California. For this reason, it may work to a developer's benefit to consider purchasing a piece of abandoned property that requires revitalization. Doing so could result in an ultimately profitable development.

When developers are told there is a "cloud on the title" to land

It can take some time for California entrepreneurs to become familiar with all the lingo associated with real estate. One of the phrases that developers do not want to hear, but need to understand, is if there is a "cloud on the title" to a piece of property they want to purchase. Understanding what this means can help determine whether to move forward with the sale.

Reasons why a development could encounter construction problems

After the real estate deal is closed, most Orange County residents who are new to investing in land feel as though the worst is behind them. Unfortunately, the construction phase of any development could actually be where the problems truly begin. Avoiding these problems could help keep the project on track.

Consider creating a separate LLC for each development

For Orange County business-minded individuals, owning real estate could be a lucrative and satisfying endeavor. One of the primary concerns of anyone in this position is protecting themselves and their investments. One way in which to do this is to form a limited liability company for each development.

Paying attention to contract language could help developers

Before a new project can begin, the construction contract needs to be negotiated. When California developers sit down with the people who will make their dreams a reality, paying attention to the language could prove useful. It could help keep the project from going over budget.

Starting a development involves a variety of steps

Deciding to get into the California's real estate game could be the easiest decision you make. As you embark on a new development, you will need to go through numerous steps before you can even break ground on the construction. Of course, there always seem to be other issues to address as the project moves forward as well.