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Negotiating exterior factors in a commercial lease

When searching for the perfect rental property in Orange County, business owners often spend a great deal of time on the interior space and common area maintenance, or CAMs. However, when considering a space and negotiating a commercial lease, it is also necessary to pay attention to the exterior aspects of the space as well. Three of the most important exterior factors include access, parking, and signage and visibility.

Consider the load factor when negotiating a commercial lease

After finding the right retail space, a potential tenant will then enter into the negotiations with the landlord. The reason that it is important to negotiate the terms of a commercial lease is that rent is not based on just the square footage of the space. Orange County entrepreneurs may want to make sure they consider the load factor before signing anything.

Looking for retail space takes some consideration -- and math

Opening a traditional brick and mortar business anywhere, including here in Orange County, requires some consideration and math. The last thing a new retail business needs is to get the wrong size space, which could ultimately cut into any profits a company could make. Too large a space could cost more in rent while too small a space could prevent additional sales.

A commercial lease may include a percentage of sales

Opening a retail establishment here in Orange County may entice some entrepreneurs. When they go to find a space for their new ventures, they often look to rent instead of buy. During the review of a commercial lease for a retail space, prospective tenants often check for provisions regarding paying a percentage of their sales to the property owner.

How much will a commercial lease really cost?

When Orange County entrepreneurs begin looking for space to rent for their new ventures, they may be in for a shock. The rent includes much more than just a base amount for the space itself. When negotiating a commercial lease, it is vital to understand what the real rental amount will end up being.

Flexibility is key for retail rental space

Owning commercial real estate in the Orange County area can be profitable, but only if it attracts quality tenants. When it comes to renting retail space, this could present a challenge since it can be difficult to know what future tenants may want. Some want to build out the space to suit their needs while others want a move-in ready space.

Getting what's needed from a commercial lease

Finding the right Orange County rental for a business is not always easy, and securing a good deal for it is not either. Negotiating a commercial lease requires attention to detail. Without careful reading and review, a prospective tenant might not get what is needed out of the space.

Knowing some commercial lease vocabulary helps with negotiations

When it comes to renting property for a business here in Orange County or elsewhere, tenants have more freedom to negotiate terms with the owner of the property than in residential situations. This provides more flexibility and the opportunity to receive better terms. Before sitting down to talk terms with a potential landlord, it would be useful to understand the vocabulary associated with a commercial lease.

Planning to renew your commercial lease? Start early

After being in a rental space for some time, an Orange County tenant may be comfortable and not want to move. If this is the case, a review of the original lease would be in order some months prior to its end. Starting to think about renewing a commercial lease sooner rather than later could save a tenant from accepting unfavorable provisions.

Percentage leases are popular in the retail industry

One of the primary decisions that a new California company needs to make is where it will do business. In the retail industry, this often involves setting up shop in a shopping center or mall. When it comes to leases in this world, property owners often want percentage leases from their tenants.