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Reasons why a development could encounter construction problems

After the real estate deal is closed, most Orange County residents who are new to investing in land feel as though the worst is behind them. Unfortunately, the construction phase of any development could actually be where the problems truly begin. Avoiding these problems could help keep the project on track.

Consider creating a separate LLC for each development

For Orange County business-minded individuals, owning real estate could be a lucrative and satisfying endeavor. One of the primary concerns of anyone in this position is protecting themselves and their investments. One way in which to do this is to form a limited liability company for each development.

Paying attention to contract language could help developers

Before a new project can begin, the construction contract needs to be negotiated. When California developers sit down with the people who will make their dreams a reality, paying attention to the language could prove useful. It could help keep the project from going over budget.

Starting a development involves a variety of steps

Deciding to get into the California's real estate game could be the easiest decision you make. As you embark on a new development, you will need to go through numerous steps before you can even break ground on the construction. Of course, there always seem to be other issues to address as the project moves forward as well.

California developers may be watching Senate Bill 330

Many California communities have limitations on what construction projects can happen in their areas. This is true despite a housing crisis here in the state. Recently, state Senator Nancy Skinner introduced a bill that would force these communities to lighten up on their restrictions, which could benefit developers.

Is the mixed-use development here to stay?

In decades past, it seems as though people across the country, including here in California, wanted to keep the different parts of their lives separate. They wanted to live on one area, shop in another and entertain themselves in yet another area. In recent years, that trend has changed, and the mixed-use development may be here to stay.

Some question future development in California wildfire areas

As anyone who has lived here in California for any length of time knows, wildfires could devastate many of the state's residential communities. In the aftermath of recent fires here in the state, some wonder why future development projects are given the green light by government officials. They argue that it's foolhardy to put that many people and homes at risk.

Keeping track of trends helps developers choose projects

What projects could still provide a healthy profit margin here in California? In 2018, a study was done to make that determination. Keeping track of trends by reviewing these types of studies could help developers choose projects that could provide the investment and profits they seek.

Developers consider the costs of 'going green' in construction

Every California resident can do his or her part in protecting the environment. For developers, this could include "going green" when it comes to construction. However, they would more than likely consider the financial benefits of doing so first since some environmentally friendly construction options can be costly.

Developers may need to rethink what an anchor tenant is

Shopping centers, outdoor malls and indoor malls have all traditionally relied on prominent, well-known retail stores to draw customers here in Orange County and elsewhere. Large department stores used to fit the bill when it came to finding anchor tenants for retail developments. As the consumer landscape changes, developers may need to rethink what constitutes an anchor tenant.