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Don’t forget how a development can affect traffic in the area

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2019 | Development |

Anyone who has lived here in Orange County for any length of time knows that the traffic can be heavy and chaotic. Bumper-to-bumper travel is more the norm than anyone would ever like to admit. When planning a new development in the area, how it will affect already congested traffic patterns is often one obstacle that requires addressing before moving forward.

One California city recently had to scrutinize how a potential new development would affect the traffic in the area. The plan is to demolish a closed Denny’s restaurant and build a multi-tenant, single story building in its place. Doing so would presumably increase the traffic in the area. The conversation about this topic alone took hours before the planning commission authorized the developer to move forward.

Now, the Pleasanton City Council will need to review the details of the project and determine whether it will approve the development or not. More than likely, the effect on the traffic in the area in which the development will occur will once again be a topic of conversation. The fact is that moving forward with this project will require some adjustments to the current infrastructure in order to accommodate it.

More than likely, these same conversations would need to take place here in Orange County. The intended tenants need to know their customers or clients can get to them with as few hindrances as possible. When planning a new development, it would be wise to look into this aspect of the project before attempting to receive the needed approvals. Having a plan of action ready could help move the process forward in a timelier manner.