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Attracting a commercial tenant means more office amenities

On Behalf of | May 8, 2019 | Landlord / Tenant |

It is possible retail property owners here in California and elsewhere are already used to providing more for their prospective renters these days. Now, it appears that those who own office buildings may need to step up their game as well in order to attract tenants. These days, a commercial tenant expects more amenities when renting office space. 

The work environment has changed in recent decades. More people than ever have the opportunity to run their businesses from home. Moreover, an increasing number of workers also work from home, at least part time. This means that the offices they spend their workdays in need to provide them with certain benefits and perks.

Employers who want the best talent work hard to provide them. This means that employers looking to provide employees with more than just a sterile cubicle are looking for office space in buildings with the amenities they want to provide those who work for them. For this reason, property owners wanting to attract quality tenants may need to consider including amenities such as health and fitness options, food options and as up-to-date technology as possible, among other things.

Attracting the right commercial tenant could mean making some changes to a property’s common areas if it is already built. Developers of new properties may consider adding the amenities mentioned above, along with others that fit into area and the culture of the California communities in which they build. Taking the time to consider what future renters want will help ensure interest in the property when it comes time to market it.