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Many developers are rethinking their commercial spaces

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2018 | Development |

Without the ability to adapt, many projects here in California would more than likely falter. As the needs and desires of consumers change, so must the commercial and retail landscape. Many developers and landlords already know this, and are making adjustments to their visions in order to remain current and relevant in today’s market.

This means renting out large amounts of retail space to companies that were previously slotted for retail or other commercial establishments other than office space. Companies like Spotify and Warner Music Group are moving their operations into spaces previously slotted for another type of tenant. Even developments that included office space in their plans may decide to increase the office space in order to bring in larger employers.

Mixed-use developments are gaining popularity, as more people want their working, living and entertainment spaces closer together. These developments may also include restaurants, shops and other entertainment such as theaters. Others may have apartments, art galleries or even museums. It depends on where the space is located and what type of residents it will serve.

As is the case with most projects, developers cannot just decide to change the zoning. More than likely, the local government in the area of California where the development will be located will have something to say about a mixed-use project. It may be necessary to petition to have the zoning changed in order to suit a particular project. Other issues could also arise that may require the advice and assistance of an experienced attorney. The more potential issues that can be rectified, worked around or eliminated during the planning process, the more smoothly a project may go.