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Saving a landmark with a new development could be the answer

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2018 | Development |

Even as young as the state of California may be when compared to other parts of the country, it still has its landmarks. Preserving them does not need to get in the way of progress, however. It may be possible to save a landmark with a new development nearby or on the premises.

This may be what could happen to CBS Television City. It happens to be located in a good area near the Beverly Center, the Farmers Market and the Grove, along with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. CBS had discussed selling the property, but many people wanted to make sure that does not happen.

A deal was brokered to help ensure that both parties got what they wanted. Certain buildings will be preserved while other parts of the complex will be open for new development. Los Angeles has lost other landmarks in the past such as the Richfield Tower and the Ambassador Hotel, among others. Of course, before the proposition can move forward, it will probably have to move beyond the debates among those who oppose the idea and those who support it. Other developments in the area may also cause concern.

Practical concerns such as infrastructure will need to be examined before anything happens. These are issues that require attention in any development but when dealing with the preservation of a landmark, those other considerations could be substantial. It may help to better understand all of the potential business and legal issues that could arise when undertaking such a project here in California.