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More medical professionals are moving into shopping centers

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2018 | Commercial Real Estate |

In order to better serve their patients, and potentially increase their walk-in traffic, many in the medical field are looking to lease in what some may call an unusual place. Shopping centers are becoming popular with California specialists (such as allergists and dermatologists) and family practitioners alike. If you are considering moving into a more retail centered location, you may need to be ready for some surprises as you negotiate your commercial lease.

First, consider the neighbors you could end up with in a shopping center. Restaurants and retail stores may play  loud music. You could end up next to a children’s store, which may come with plenty of noise as well. The point is that when you lease in a retail center, you may not know who your neighbors will be. There is often a mixed bag of establishments, so giving careful consideration to your location within the center may be a good idea. 

Second, you may have gotten used to having certain amenities such as housekeeping, maintenance and security in a medical office building. You may not have those same services in a shopping center, which means you may be responsible for repairs, cleaning, security and maintenance within your rental space. If this is the case, you would need to plan for these eventualities in your budget.

Of course, as would be the case with any other commercial lease, reading the fine print is essential. Moreover, you may want to negotiate the terms of your lease to improve your position. It may be to your advantage to seek out the advice and assistance of a California attorney who regularly deals with leases for tenants in shopping centers.

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