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California developers could benefit from some legal help

Starting a new commercial venture can be an exciting time, but also a frustrating one. With so many decisions to make, both business and legal, what looks like an easy shopping center project on paper could quickly become complex. This is why California developers could benefit from some legal help with projects.

Pre- and post-occupancy study finds chemicals in green buildings

Are you a developer who is working to meet green building standards? Are you considering leasing a green building? If so, you may be interested to know about a recent study in the journal Environmental Institute that indicates that building "green" doesn't necessarily mean building healthy. Indoor air pollution often isn't considered when taking buildings green for other purposes, yet it can lead to a range of health issues.

California has an ongoing housing problem

Real estate development in California is a lucrative and complex business. Like any business that involves heavy investment, developers generally tend to favor projects that have the greatest return on an investment, but this is not the only factor to consider. As one of the largest economies in the world, California faces a difficult balancing act between expanding the business capabilities of the state and her cities, while also providing housing to meet the needs of the ever-increasing population.

Olympics pose a big housing problem

Los Angeles is not exactly "sparsely developed" in the regards to its real estate market. While we don't contend with the population density of many other, more vertically developed cities like New York, housing is not as easy to find by any stretch of the imagination. State and city officials understandably have a bit of complication on their hands in terms of the logistics of hosting the Olympics in 2028. The question on many people's minds is not so much where the events may take place, but moreover where will the thousands of athletes and other individuals working with the Olympics live during the event?

California City stands as a warning to developers

Being a real estate developer isn't just about having vision, it's about knowing the difference between a great opportunity and not overextending your ambitions. California City stands (more or less) as a stark reminder to developers in California of exactly how badly an overambitious development can go awry.

Governor pushes for incentives for affordable housing builders

California's governor is pushing for new legislation to address the need for affordable housing throughout the state, but simply wishing it is not all that is needed to create more affordable housing in the state. As things stand, developing affordable housing in California is a very complicated process.

How might automated cars affect real estate development?

Developing real estate can be endlessly complex, especially in southern California, where we have a tendency to be well ahead of the curve in the areas of regulations and guidelines for property development. As new technological advances change the landscape of how we think about building cities and creating spaces that stand the test of time, the process only becomes more complicated.

Never begin a development project without a strong contract

Real estate development creates many opportunities for conflicts of interest and violations of contractual obligations. In each phase of your project, it is crucial to have very specific, well-crafted contracts to protect your interests and ensure that the contractors and subcontractors involved in the project understand the exact scope of their duties and the penalties for not meeting those expectations.

How do I navigate zoning issues in a development?

Whenever you are working on a real estate development project, especially in California where there are many more regulations and restrictions than other states, there is a significant likelihood that you will encounter frustrating zoning restrictions. In some cases, you may not find them until you are already in progress with the development, which can create myriad problems with your timeline for completion and keeping each aspect of the project on schedule and under budget. So, when you find your project in violation of zoning laws, what can you do?

Mistakes to avoid when negotiating a construction contract

According to Urbanland, the magazine of the Urban Land Institute, commercial shopping centers might struggle in the next year as more stores move toward online shopping instead of a physical presence. That said, commercial real estate is always a good investment, especially as the urbanization trend will most likely continue.